The following are the testimonials from the course participants of Top Criminal Justice Consultancy:-



I would like to share with you the psychodynamics interview techniques learned in the course about a week ago had been applied successfully in my work. I managed to obtain a confession from the inmate who committed an institutional offence in Prisons. Not only the confession and also information of the other inmates who were involved. The other inmates' involvement were not known to the management before. Please share this good news with the Course Trainer Mr Koa Fung Chew.

SSGT Nor Wahyu Bin Ajmaain
OC Workshop, Agape Call Centre
Cluster A, Institution A2HU1
Singapore Prison Service, Ministry of Home Affairs
15 May 2015

I have attended several similar courses, some instructors and trainers were from foreign countries. I find this Psychodynamics Interview Course the most fulfilling. Mr Koa should impart his knowledge and experience to train young and impressionable investigators from various Ministries. Thank you 100%.


A very knowledgeable and experienced course trainer. It is great to be in Mr Koa's class. The "live" video cases showing the interviewing techniques are very useful and interesting for learning.

3rd Course Participant

Mr Koa, thank you. I have learnt a lot from the Psychodynamics Interview Course. I hope to apply the techniques in the course of my work.

4th Course Participant

Cases/videos shown during the course made the learning of psychodynamics interview concept easier to understand. Show more videos as they are more illustrative to leave a deeper impression. The course is an eye-opener, thanks!

5th Course Participant

Appreciate the useful themes given to us in the Psychodynamics Interview Course Material. The showing of good video interviewing techniques is easier to understand. More interactive videos/activities instead of lectures. Might be better to learn through videos and easier to understand as well.

6th Course Participant

Though the contents of the psychodynamics interview topic had been covered in Police IO Course, the in-depth explanation and illustration of the examples with videos are much appreciated. Hope that the course can be spread around SPF units which require interview skills and techniques.

7th Course Participant

The course can be more interactive and more Q&A sessions, role plays, case studies, teamwork to analyse the videos and the lecturer can then advice/guide the participants. Lecturer Mr Koa is extremely knowledgeable and love the ways he share the exciting personal case experiences done by him. Broadened my knowledge in this field. Thank you Mr. Koa & Mr Lee for keeping SG safe for us. Stay healthy. Target audience should be those who need to conduct a very detailed interview of subject. Short & quick interview nature may not be applicable to frontline customer scene and may not be too suitable.

8th Course Participant

General Investigation Course – 25 to 28 Feb 2014
Marketing Institute of Singapore Executive Club,
51-53 Anson Road, Anson Centre, 3rd Level Singapore 079904.

The Course is excellent. It is highly recommended to all. Thank you.

Raji Thomas George
Vector Control Officer
National Environment Agency/NWRO

I will recommend this course to my colleagues. It is a must course to attend.

2nd Course Participant

This is a good course.

3rd Course Participant


General Investigation Course – 18 to 21 Feb 2013

Indeed, the General Investigation Course contents were remarkable compared with the investigation courses I had attended in other agencies. It taught individuals to be good investigation officers with an eye for details. The experiences shared by the course lecturers were very useful for learning to investigate and solve cases. After attending the course, it guided me to streamline the investigation processes in our organisation to have better overview of all the investigations.

Madzli Ahmad Said | Senior Investigating Officer, Security | Alexandra Health

Sun 2013/03/10

General Investigation Course - 23 Jul to 26 Jul 2012

Thank you very much for the training provided. The content of the course was indeed very interesting.

Would you be able to share the slides pertaining to “cases fixed for trial” and “court trial/summons cases’ please? The info will be greatly beneficial to me, especially as we operate on the Summons model.

Crystal Tan
Assistant Manager, Tourism Regulatory Department
Singapore Tourism Board
Fri 2012/07/27


Psychodynamics Interview Course – 7 to 8 Mar 2013

I found Mr Koa to be very knowledgeable and also an excellent trainer during the two day course.  In addition, he was helpful and has an exceptional ability to explain complex matters into simple terms that were easily understood. Personally, I have benefited from his generous sharing of his very professional experiences. I have no hesitation to recommend the course to anyone motivated to be a professional interviewer and interrogator.

Lim Peng Young  |  Account Manager  |  Schemes & Licensing Branch  |  Singapore Customs

14 March 2013


Psychodynamics Interview Course – 3 to 4 Oct 2012

Course was good bro. The real-case interview videos showed by the course facilitator gave good insight on their theories to match the practicality of the tactics.

Sanjeev Kumar (HSA)
Tuesday, 9 October, 2012

Last week, I handled a company Theft case.   No CCTV footages and No Witnesses.  I applied the techniques and the proper approach I learned from the course under Mr. Koa Fung Chew.  Bingo, my subject broke down and admitted the offense.  It pays to attend the 2-day Psychodynamics Interview Course for Investigators and Interviewer(s) who simply “don’t know what they don’t know, on how to break their (interviewee) subject”.

Hope to attend the advance courses in the near future.

Million thanks and Best regards,

Marlon Sierra
Investigator, Security Department
Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd 
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
Wed 2012/10/24

Psychodynamics Interview Course – 22 Aug to 23 Aug 2012

The course will definitely help officers one way or another, especially the new ones to tackle and break down accused persons/subjects to convince them to come clean. The officers will also learn in perfecting the art of interviewing and questioning of accused persons. This will in turn, from my point of view, not only reduces the number of Section 91 issue but also enhance the investigation officers’ techniques when interviewing human beings.

Muthu s/o Subbiah
Intelligence Branch
Singapore Customs
24 August 2012



I attended the course on 22 – 23 Aug 2012. Personally I had found the course quite useful and relevant for my daily job in the investigation branch. I would like to check with you is it possible to get from you the soft copy of the course slides which was presented during the 2 days by the lecturer?

Chua Wee Keat Derrick  伟杰
Special Investigation Branch
Singapore Customs
05 September 2012